Accounting services
Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowy Rembiałkowski Sp. z o. o. will provide you with comprehensive accounting services, supported by the knowledge and experience of the entire team of professionals and under the supervision of a tax advisor. The constantly growing group of satisfied customers considers reliability, punctuality and constant contact with the accountants delegated to provide services as the most important feature of cooperation.

• Accounting of Economic Entities
– Full accounting with balance sheet and profit and loss account;
– Tax Revenue and Expenditure Book;
– Lump sum;
– Tax card;
– Fixed assets;
– HR, settlements (ZUS, US);
And additionally:
– Financial analyses

• Financial Statements
– Official reports to the Central Statistical Office, NBP and other institutions (at the client’s request);
– Tax settlements – preparation of required VAT and CIT declarations for tax offices;
– Annual settlements – comprehensive preparation of the annual declaration PIT-37, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-38, PIT-39 with attachments;
– Full financial statement (Preliminary information, Profit and loss account, Balance sheet with additional information to the balance sheet along with a template of resolutions to be approved by the company’s management board).
And additionally:
– Comprehensive monitoring of events causing reporting to the National Bank of Poland, i.e. loans, receivables, liabilities, compensations with non-residents, accounts outside the country, foreign capital share, etc.

• Registration of entities
The law firm offers assistance in choosing the most advantageous organizational form of business activity. The client receives full information with justification, strengths and weaknesses of each form. The following solutions will be discussed during the meeting:
– natural person – entrepreneur (including self-employment),
– partnership,
– public company,
– a partnership,
– limited partnership,
– partnership Limited by shares,
– limited liability company,
– joint-stock company.

• Corporate Chart of Accounts and Accounting Policy
The law firm deals with the comprehensive development of the Company Chart of Accounts and the Accounting Policy in your company. This is an additional and one-time service for interested entities.
– Company Chart of Accounts is a list of names and numerical symbols of accounts used in a business entity to record all economic resources (assets) and sources of their financing (liabilities), any changes in them and the results of business activity.
– Accounting policy is a solution selected and applied by the entity, appropriate to its business profile, permitted by law and ensuring the required quality of financial statements. It is determined on the basis of the principles set out in the Accounting Act, especially where the law allows the entity to choose the adopted principles.