The Jacek Rembiałkowski & Partnerzy Tax Counselling Office provides complex accounting services supported with knowledge and experience of the team of professionals and under the supervision of a tax counsellor. A fast-growing group of our satisfied clients believes that reliability, timeliness and constant contact with the accounting staff are the major features of good cooperation. • Business Entities Accounting – Complex accounting with a balance sheet and a profit and loss account; – Tax Revenue and Expense Ledger; – Lump-sum tax; – Fixed amount tax; – Tangible assets; – Human Resources, accounting for Social Insurance and Internal Revenue Service); And additionally: – Financial analysis, Cash Flow • Financial statements – Administrative statements for the Polish Central Statistical Office, the National Bank of Poland and other institutions (on client request); – Tax settlements – preparing required declarations for Internal Revenue Services concerning VAT and CIT; – Annual clearance – complex preparation of annual returns: PIT-37, PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-38, PIT-39 with appendices; – Complex financial statements (Introductory information, Profit and loss account, Balance with additional information on the balance, with a pattern of resolutions for the partnership’s board approval. And additionally: – Complex monitoring of events resulting in reports to the National Bank of Poland: loans, receivables, liabilities, compensation of non-residents, accounts abroad, foreign capital share, etc. • Entity registration The Office provides assistance in selecting the most beneficial organisational form of operated business activity. Client receives a complete information with its explanation, strengths and weaknesses of every form. During a meeting the following solutions are to be discussed: – natural person – entrepreneur (also self-employment), – private partnership, – general partnership, – unlimited liability partnership, – limited partnership, – limited join-stock partnership, – limited liability partnership, – stock corporation. • Corporate Chart of Accounts and Accounting Policy – The Office deals with complex preparing Corporate Chart of Accounts and Accounting Policy of your company. It is an additional and one-time service for interested entities. – Corporate Chart of Accounts is a list of names and numerical symbols of accounts useful for economic units for the register of all possessed economic recourses (assets) and sources of their financing (liabilities), all following changes and results of operated activities. – Accounting policy are selected and applied by an entity and proper for its profile solutions, which are applied in accordance with legal regulations, guaranteeing required quality of financial statements. It is established basing on rules specified by the Accounting Act, especially when the law enables an entity to choose the rules to be accepted.