Personal and Payroll Services

Kancelaria Doradztwa Podatkowy Rembiałkowski Sp. z o. o. provides comprehensive, professional HR and payroll services, which will relieve you of this obligation and contribute to the feeling that the company’s obligation is performed with the utmost care and in accordance with the changing regulations. It’s a comfort worth affording.

The office offers:
• Settlement of contracts: employment, specific work, orders, copyrights and management contracts.
• Preparation of payrolls and salary files based on information provided by the client
• Settlement of overtime, sick pay, bonuses or other benefits based on information provided by the customer.
• Preparation of mandatory tax returns regarding the settlement of income tax advances, and at the end of each year also information for each employee on income tax advances paid.
• Preparation of ZUS declarations concerning employees, contractors and persons conducting business activity.
• Settlement of foreigners in terms of income tax and social security contributions.
And additionally:
• Advising on keeping personal files and records of leaves.